Tagged…. so, do TAG others.


This has become a trend to the blogosphere. From all sorts of blogger awards and Q and A post like this one, I honestly find this a nice way of reaching out and connecting to all the blog writers I followed and discovering blogs that I need to follow.

Nenskie has tagged me on her Ohwps, It’s not yet over :P post on her blog. Being the first blogger she has tagged, it would be so unfair if I will not follow the rules… which all bloggers that were tagged has to strictly follow. Thank You Nenskie,… the questions you made are quite hard huh!. I really appreciate this. In one way or another, I was able to know you in a little way while reading your answers to Tom’s tag questions.

So let me get the ball rolling starting of with:

1. Tagged Bloggers should post the rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the people you’ve tagged.
3. Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4. Let them know you’ve tagged them!

Here are Nenskie’s  11Qs for me:

1. Do you believe in PEACE?

– I know it is hard to achieve if your talking about WORLD PEACE, but YES, I do believe in Peace. A good heart and clean conscience makes it easier to believe in PEACE.

2. Have you doubt where you stand to someone’s life?

– Hmmm.. It depends on WHO is the someone you are referring to. I admit, I do have my own share of “doubts” with regards to my existence on “someone” but so far…. I never had time to stressing out and trying to know where I stand. People I am close with does that for me by making me feel my worth.

3. What do you think is the easiest job?

– Working on something you truly enjoy and have come to love… one will never get tired of it that doing it would come easy.

4. Have you ever truly accept people without complaining or judging why you make friends with them?

– Yeah…. most of the time.

5. What is your best recipe?

– I never had one.

6. Could you share it with us?

– Sure… If I ever got one.

7. Would you do the right thing? Or choose to do things which your heart completely desires?

– It depends…. I always go for doing the right thing. Fortunately, it goes together with what my heart completely desires most of the time.

8. Would you argue even the price of winning is losing your good relationship? (friendship and etc)

– Been there, done that. I don’t call it argue but just trying to make people hear me out. As long as it is of pure honesty, then I don’t think it will result to relationships ending, It might change, for sure it will be giving both party a peace of mind.

9. What tree could you be?

– A coconut. Never worthless.

10. How will survive from where you are now?

– I don’t think I am where I need to survive right now…. I call this living.

11. Letting go or to wait? Why?

– Let Go. Because if it comes back to you , then you will know it is worth all the wait. If it does not, it will always feel good to know Letting Go was the right decision.


And so to continue…

Here are my 11-Qs  for the lucky eleven fabulous bloggers whom I will be tagging in a bit!

1. Usually, CREDIT CARD or CASH?

2. If you are not in the place where you are now.. Where would you rather be? Why?

3. If someone will offer to pay you and will claim all your posts in WordPress as their own, would you allow it?

4. What do you think is the most-used title in the world of blogging?

5. If keyboards can talk, what could they be telling us all the time?

6. On Parenting: to spank or not to spank?

7. What is the most unexpected thing a stranger has ever said to you?

8. Do you act your age?

9. How do you spend most of your non-school/work time?

10. If there’s one, What is the thing, big or small, that you could change about your life to be happier?

11. Are there any news stories/ current events that you are sick of hearing about?

And here are the eleven bloggers that I would love to tag:


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Now it is done for me but not for you! Keep it going bloggers…have fun tagging!

What is a Medical Technologist?


Once, I was asked  of this question. “What is a Medical Technologist?”

Ironically, I am at a point where I am looking back to this beloved profession of mine. Frankly speaking, I miss being one. It seems like yesterday then I stopped and counted. Yes, its been twenty months already that I have been off duty as a MedTech after continuously working as one for eleven years.

Picture.21607 139  Cher2496Cher2508DSC05743200420082133P1010116DSC05846

During High School, the Medical Technology or MedTech Profession was very foreign to me. In fact, I haven’t had the slightest idea that I would become one. In other countries they call this profession Medical Laboratory Scientist or MLS. I was dreaming of becoming a medical doctor back then and still now. I told my Mama about it. She was encouraging and honest. Honest because she told me that with our limited resources, it would be impossible to support the very expensive medical education.

I always have this attitude of never losing hope and looking at the positive side yet not to hold high expectations. I did my homework while trying to decide what I would like to become, after all…. my future here is at stake. Weighing possibilities I ended up enrolling for Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology. I see it as the closest profession to a medical doctor just in case I will never become one and I never did. I believe in living life to the fullest and I made most of this career. I learn to love Medical Technologist and I dedicate so much to be the best of what I do. I can feel the significance of every Medtech on duty. I value the worth of my profession. I am proud to be among the very few who were able to see what is beyond the surface and to actually get my hands on playing and solving the internal puzzle of the human body.

Family priorities leads me to a decision to temporarily put a halt to my ever beloved job. In my heart, I will always be the MedTech .

To answer the question asked, I need this video to aid me. For everyone who are oblivious of the people responsible for each and every clinical diagnostic result, I present to you – the Medical Technologist.

The People Behind the Scene
Medical Laboratory Scientist

To be responsible for life of a patient is very crucial. To able to help the doctors diagnose and treat the patient is very overwhelming and self-fulfilling. Medtechs/ MLSs and LabTechs are often overlooked as part of a team in a patient’s life, despite of this backstage responsibility and mostly underpaid profession, I love this job more than anything else.

To my colleagues, LONG LIVE!

Carrot Cake

A good food will become fabulously magnificent when shared with good people. Once in a while I hang out with my mommy friends to unwind and relax. We take advantage of this time out from being around our children 24/7 to do a little “for the big girls only” session. This session usually includes dinner, coffee, dessert and a hell of chitchat of everything. We also maximize this time together to do a little planning and meetings of our ever dream vacation. We have a long list for that in fact, but so far we only got one pushed thru last summer, that is if you consider a day and an overnight stay at Emar’s wavepool as a vacation (which we don’t ever think of it as a vacay but a tanning session for the kids ha! ha!). 

Hopefully, we will get to have another “vacay holiday” soon. Right Moms?

The CARROT CAKE is one of our well-loved dessert of choice among other favorite cakes.


During one of our sessions in one of our favorite restocoffee shop months ago, the carrot cake gave us the reason to left it barely tasted.

226042_231267873575931_100000781592561_573698_6260964_n249338_229821667053885_100000781592561_569231_8143158_n  Julz’ unhappy expression trying it can already tell you what it taste like. Quel and Lou didn’t even bother noticing it around. By the way, why does one have to add strawberry jelly to a carrot cake’s frosting??????


Since it didn’t pass the standards of our Best in Cooking member of the gang, she used it as pictorial props instead. Lesson Learned: Do Not Order Carrot Cake from this particular resto. But, we love the food and ambiance of this place that we did came back to dine a couple of weeks after that.


We had good food as usual and a good dessert as expected sans the carrot cake. Witt and I were afraid to spoil our appetite that we wait for Ms.Best in Cooking to taste it first before we get to give ourselves the treats.

Last weekend my mommy friends decided to have our session for this month and this time we ate at a place called RK Chinese Garden and Sea Food Restaurant for the first time, which I will write about it some time soon. Unexpectedly we had a blast!


What you see is what you get. The food was great, the price is right. If I were to describe it in a way Kris Aquino would, I’ll say “ SULIT!… is like we’re getting more than what we paid for!”

We wanted to make most our little time that we decided to get our coffee and dessert from another favorite coffee shop Firenzo and here comes the cake parade.


This time we were satisfied. Everything just taste sinfully good as it looks. What caught out attention though was the CARROT CAKE.


We can’t resist while we were looking at it inside the cake display fridge making our order. We can hear the tiny orange carrot topping calling us and the white frosting is so inviting. So, how do we rate the carrot cake this time?




Well, you will realize that for a carrot cake to be ultra yummy when what you see above will happen to the tiny orange carrot topping. Smile